The Weimaraner is a dog that was originally bred for hunting in the early 19th century. The name comes from the Grand Duke of Weimar, Karl August, whose court enjoyed hunting. Rather than having a specific purpose such as pointing or flushing, the "grey ghost" is an all purpose gun dog. The Weimaraner is loyal and loving to his family, an incredible hunter, and a fearless guardian of his family and territory. Our Cowhide and Calf collars are a great choice for Weimaranas. Hand made in fabulously waterproof ‘hair on’ cowskin and supple calf leather, they are strong, yet kind to neck fur. Hand in hand with their everyday hardiness goes their wonderful colourways.
Our favourite colours on Weimaraners are the stunning Lime Cowhide or the fabulous Blue with Turquoise trim......... or who can resist the silky Pink and Orange?

Many of the Weimeranas shown here are wearing our signature ‘Wide’ collars. These are slim under the chin and broaden out onto the back of the neck, giving a convenient D-ring lead connector at the back of the neck.

Our traditional ‘Slim’ collars (shown below) also work very well on this breed….but given the choice, we would always opt for the Wides as being the most stylish and practical…complementing their elegantly long necks.   The widths of all our collars are scaled according to size, but because they are made in our own workshops in England, we offer a bespoke service allowing you to have any colourway made in any size or width.
Harris Tweeds and Scottish tartans are another personal favourite of ours. The essentially ‘country’ feel of these wonderful hardwearing fabrics really suits the working heritage of the Weimeraner. We can also make you collars and leads in your own clan or family tartans or Estate tweeds. Please ask us for further details.
PS: Black & White Herringbone Harris Tweed piped and backed with red calf is a Holly&Lil recommendation!

They also look adorable in the classic structured elegance of the Manhattan Stripes and the stylish humour of the Pirate range.

Our cowskins, tweeds, tartans, denims and calf designs are very much everyday collars. Being made of Italian calf leather, the colours stay true and the leather stays supple. Our own dogs swim and mud wallow in theirs all the time.

A couple of years ago, a customer came to our stand at Crufts. Some months before, she had bought a Holly&Lil red cowskin collar for her husband’s working collie and panicked as she left the Hall, thinking “What have I done buying (what looks like) a fashion collar for the dog?” Her husband laughed when he saw it, but once it had been on the dog for a while he asked her to come and find us at Crufts… to thank us for the great collar….and buy the matching lead!

oving away (only) slightly from the absolutely practical, our adorable Beau Belles collection looks heavenly on Weimaraners. Our only caution though is that if your dog does does run madly through brambles or wrestle with other dogs, then Bows should be kept for slightly more sedate outings. We have several great colourways, but you can create your own to special order.

And the Brocades suit their natural elegance perfectly

Some Weimeraner owners however have found it impossible to resist a stunning Boho or Semi Precious collars for special occaisions.

    The Matrix<br>Black Onyx & Lapis Lazuli

Finally, because so many Weimaraner owners love their dogs in purple collars, we have introduced gorgeous Pebbles range featuring Purple with Chocolate Plum Purple cowhide, Chocolate Plum calf and the spectacular Strathisla purple tartan into our range to keep you all happy.

We find most Weimaraner Girls are a size 5 and Boys a size 6 but do check our size guide in case. In Size 5 the ‘Standard Slim’ is  3/4" and the ‘Wide’ is 1.5" at the back of the neck, narrowing down to a very comfortable ¾” under their chin.
The size 6 is ‘Slim’ is 1".
Depending on the range, the ‘Wide’ either goes from 2" to 1” or 1.5” to ¾” (do check the size charts in the individual product departments.) As all our designs are handmade in our own English workshops, we can make your collar in any width or colourway you would like. Matching leads come in a variety of widths.

How to check your size . We think the easiest way is to take your dog's most comfortable collar and measure it
a) from the centre of buckle to the very tip
b) from the centre of the buckle to your dogs favourite hole.
Holly's collar = 20ins
Her favourite hole = 16ins
Therefore Holly's collar Size = Size 5

Your dog's
neck measures

Size & total collar length

Typical breeds this size may fit
(as guide only)

33 - 38 cm

Medium or Large we will may have to tweak Harness

Size 5

1st hole 15"/38cm
last hole 18"/
Weimeraner Girl

40.5 - 46cm

Large Harness

Size 6
1st hole 17"/43cm
last hole 20"/
Weimeraner Boy