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Tweed, Tartan, Brocade & Calf skin dog collars

Harris Tweeds and tartan twills also make extremely hardy and practical collars, tried and tested by both town and country dogs. When we first launched the brocades several years ago we feared that they were more a special occaision collar. However years on and we are far more confident of them now as Hollys one still looks lovely, having been swum and rolled in. If your dog is constantly scratching at its neck or playing neck biting games with other dogs then brocades are probably not right for you as an everyday collar. And all of these need a small dog 'needle' claws warning; the collars are perfect for them out and about but if you let them live in them 24hours a day then their sharp claws will wear the Tweed out.
The backing on all the designs is supple calf leather, rolled and piped around the edges of the cowhide to create a finish we’ve created to be kind to neck fur. Customers report that they are thrilled that although these collars are so durable, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats.
All colourways come as both “Slims” and “Wides”. Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available