The Rainbow Perfect for your "Toto" HOUND collar


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      There's a rainbow around my shoulder and it fits me like ............ a perfectly crafted Holly&Lil collar!

      This unique collar from Holly & Lil was inspired by The Wizard of Oz and was first seen on the Harrods 'dog walk' show and has been worn by all the best Totos since. It was awarded to the winning Toto on the BBC's Search for Dorothy.

      The Rainbow collar is a wonderful intricate hand stitched Calf leather collar.   The matching lead is extraordinary with purple piping, orange, yellow and green striped front, red back - gorgeous!

      This collar is size 1 - 12mm to 25mm

      Rainbow Hound size 1 12mm to 25mm

      This collar is size 2 16mm to 38mm

      Size 2 16mm to 38mm

      This design  is for sighthounds - there is an alternative design for other dogs with a big DRing centre back.

      Condition: New

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