Your dog's
neck measures

Size  & total collar length

Typical breeds this size may fit 
(as guide only)

15 - 20.5cms

Size 1/2

1st hole 6.5"/16.5cm
last hole 8.5"/21.5cm

"Tea-cup" Chihuahua, Yorkie, Pom etc,
Very unusual in UK 
20.5 - 25.5cms

Size 1 
1st hole 8.5"/21.5cm
last hole 10.5"/26.5cm

Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Papillion, Pom, Maltese, Mini Dachs (Short Haired)
9-12 ins
23 - 30.5cm

Size 2

1st hole 10.5"/26.5cm
last hole 12.5"/32cm

Shih Tzu, Bichon Frize, Small Jack Russell,
Mini Poodle, Mini Dachs (Long Haired)

28 - 33cm
Size 3   
1st hole
last hole 14.5"/37cm
Jack Russell,  Cavalier KC, Welsh Corgi, Westie,  Border Terrier 
30.5 - 35.5 cm
Size 4   

1st hole 13"/33cm
last hole 16"/41cm
Cocker Spaniel, Cairn Terrier, Beagle, Border  GIRLS - Pugs Scottie, Vizlsa, Frenchie, Collie
33 - 38 cm
Size 5       

1st hole 15"/38cm
last hole 18"/45.5cm
BOY Collie, Pug , Vizsla, Frenchie
GIRLS-Standard Poodle, Dobermann, Dalmatian, Staffie, Weimeraner 
40.5 - 46cm
Size 6       
1st hole 17"/43cm
last hole 20"/50.5cm
Ridgeback, Labrador, Setters, Shar Pei,
BOY Airedale,Dalmatian, Girl English Bulldog, Rottweiler
Size 7
1st hole 18.5"/47cm
last hole 22.5"/54.5
German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler,  Chow,  Boy Bulldog, Rottweiler boy
Size 8
1st hole 21"/53.5cm
last hole 24"/61cm
Great Dane, Old English Sheep Dog, Newfoundland,  Big Bulldog Boy, 
Size 9
1st hole 23"/ 58.5cm
last hole 26"/66cm
Bloodhound, Mastiff, St Bernard, Newfie, Dogue de Bordeausx

61 - 66cm

Size 10
1st hole 25"/ 63.5cm
last hole 28"/71cm

Bloodhound, Mastiff, St Bernard, Dogue
Size 11
1st hole 27"/ 68.5cm
last hole 30"/76cm
Bloodhound, Mastiff, St Bernard, Rottweiler

How to check your size.  We think the easiest way is to take your dog's most comfortable collar and measure it
Lay the collar your dog wears now, down with a tape measure next to it. Level with centre of buckle where the leather starts. Measure to tip of collar and then to hole you do it up on.
Using your existing collar to get size correct
Look at our size guide and that will all make sense... or email us measurements
Here for example if your dogs hole was at 12.5" the best for would be a size 3 collar
Total length of collar 16"/40.5cm 
1st hole 11.5"/29.5cm 
last hole 14.5"/37cm

If a clip buckle then follow guide below

Lay the clip buckle collar your dog wears now down with a tape measure next to it. Put the end of the tape measure level with the flat edge of the buckle. Then measure to end of fabric before it goes in to 3 prongs. This gives you equivalent to your dogs favourite hole.
In this case it's 10.5" so a size 2
Size 2 Total length of collar 14"/35.5cm
1st hole 10.5"/26.5cm
last hole 12.5"/32cm

Or you can use a flexible tape measure. Place two fingers on your dog’s neck where the collar would normally sit. Then measure round both the neck and your two fingers. This will give you a measurement for a comfortable fit.

Wider and longer collars can always be custom made to order. Please contact us to discuss or go to Make Me One and let us know what you want.

All measurements are subject to slight variations as our collars are handmade

Standard Wide or Slim?  
Almost all Holly&Lil designs are available as 'Slims' or as our signature 'Wides' which have the slim element under the chin (for the dog's comfort) and the wide part on the back of the neck with a D-ring fitting for the lead.  Holly and Lily love their Wide collars as they show through their long fur and don't cause matting or breakage of the guard hairs.  
For your information - Greyhounds wear their signature collars for several reasons - they are intentionally wider than traditional dog collars, with the wide part set to the front, to stop a greyhound from shaking them loose in their desire to run and pursue. They protect their windpipes and more fragile neck when they pull like crazy with insane prey drive and also it spreads out the pressure on the dog's neck preventing damage to the coat and hairless patches on your dog's neck. Other dogs do not need them for that reason but our dogs, Holly and Lily and many breeds, have great long necks and some are quite hairy so a slim is wasted on them - where as the wide looks amazing and has the advantage of a BIG D-ring at the back to loop the lead on to quickly. They are designed, for the dogs comfort and the owners ease to attach a D-ring to sit with the D-Ring at the back or the neck not at the front. A slim collar you can wear loosely - a greyhound collar wide part drop to the front but an H&L wide, you wear comfortably but not too loose, so the D-ring sits centre back. Being calf leather they get soft and comfortable and the dog does not even know it's there. But you do not want it constantly spinning round so the Big D-ring sits at the front.

The 'Standard Wide'  shown here is available in Size 3 and up. Our special adaptations of the 'Wide' for tiny/small dogs and traditional Hound Collars are also shown in this section

Size 1 Miniwide or Standard Slim?  
Top: Size 1 ‘Miniwide’ (also available in Size 1/2)
Special lightweight design and fittings  for teacup/mini breeds
Bottom:  Size 1 Slim collar
Full buckle and D ring - ideal for terriers etc

Size 2 Miniwide or Standard Slim?
A great option for the strong smaller dogs such as border terriers and large dachshunds
Top:  Size 2 ‘Miniwide’ . Also available as Size 3 Miniwide
Bottom:  Size 2 Slim collar

Want a Hound collar?
Greyhound/Lurcher collar (bespoke option, available in most collar designs). Widest part sits on throat , with full buckle and D ring lead fitting on back of neck.  We also make a special design for Italian greyhounds.  Contact us for details.

Width Guide for our Standard Sizes

Size 1 to 2
Size 3 to 5
Sizes 6 to 7
Sizes 8 & above

Size 1/2 & 1 "miniwide"

Sizes 2  & 3 "miniwide"
Sizes 3 to 5 standard wides
Size 6 & above - cowskins

Size 6 & above - tweeds. tartans, brocades, etc

Greyhound/Lurcher collars


Wide                                      1/2" to 5/8"
5/8" to 1"
3/4" to 1.5" 
1"  to   2"

3/4" to 1.5"

Widths to order

Calf Leather Colour Chart - Click on Image and it will grow

Bear in mind the paler the leather the more treatment processeses it has gone through to get there.  So pale pink will not be as super hardy as Chocolate Brown.... but ever so pretty!
The colour chart was shot in natural light to help show the true colours.  However the Italian suppliers do vary skin colours very slightly each time and we cannot keep up; so may not be exact.

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Holly&Lil's Fittings Size Guide

Holly&Lil's "standard fittings"range from the tiny, lightweight 1/2" half buckles, which we use for cats and teacup breed dogs, to the 5/8",  3/4" , 1" & 1.5" (not shown)  buckles for the bigger dogs. The chart below gives you a guide - take your scale from an actual 50p piece, not from the size that the buckles are shown on your screen, as computer images can vary.

If you would like more information do please contact us.