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Sighthound Collars. Greyhounds, Whippets, Italians

Hound Collars. Sighthounds have very specials needs to help keep them safe and comfortable. Greyhounds wear their signature collars for several reasons - they are intentionally wider than traditional dog collars, with the wide part set to the front, to stop a greyhound from shaking them loose in their desire to run and pursue. They protect their windpipes and more fragile neck when they pull like crazy with insane prey drive and also it spreads out the pressure on the dog's neck preventing damage to the coat and hairless patches on your dog's neck.
We create Hound collars just for them - designed to be wide at the front and narrow at the back when on the lead - the opposite of the other dogs everyday collar.  Buckle choice is very important so the collar is not too bulky.  Dio bear in mind small hounds like Italians, with their razor sharp claws, can scratch a collar bare.  Know your dog and what will suit it.
Our standard choices for Buckles are
12mm (1/2'') size 1,
16mm (5/8'') sizes 2 and 3,
19mm (3/4'') size 4 and 5
and for the BIG Hounds 25mm (1'') size 6 and above

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