Quadrophenia Dog Harness


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          Quadrophenia our new edition to our Harness collection with a new bar design on the top.  It is a stunning handmade in UK Navy Harness with Blue, Vanilla and Red target on the chest and a stripe on top that matches the lead to let your dog be a complete style icon!

          It took us a year to prototype,  test and refine our harness design, even going to the extent of importing the slide clips from the USA.  Our final pattern was tested for several months by two wonderfully  energetic Staffies and they emerged with thumbs up.  Individually made to order by our craftsman (delivery 6-12 weeks)  our harnesses come in Small Medium and Large.  Though we have quite a few in production now.

          The calf leather straps are all adjustable, allowing you to get a perfect fit. This is helped by the connecting rings which allow the harness to move very comfortably with your dog.     We suggest 3/4" straps for the medium dogs and 1" for the larger but you can of course select what you prefer.   

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          on the best collar for your dog do see our
          (wear &) 
          Care  Guide. 

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          collar sizes (small) 3 - 4
          eg Pugs-Schnausers

          collar sizes 3 - 5
          Bigger Pugs

          collar sizes 6 up 
          Bulldogs, Labs, Danes  etc




          Choosing Bespoke Options 
          Please  Note: unlike our standard designs, are not returnable or refundable, so do make sure you have selected the correct size. 

          Condition: New

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