The word "pug" may have come from the Old English pugg or "puge", which were affectionate terms for a playful little devil or monkey. Pugs have more personality than they know what to do with - a Pug is a lot of dog in a little body. They are perky, rambunctious and loyal, affectionate and loving, with a happy disposition.
pug in bell collar pug in boho dog collar

We have our own lovely pug boy as part of the Holly&Lil pack. Eddie (Zondora Desperate Dan) belongs to Sarah and lives with Lil. He’s a brilliant ambassador for all the joys of pug ownership….as well as being a great model

pug in slim pink Holly&Lil collarpug black pink cowhide dog collar

For glamorous "everyday" collars see our Cowskin and Calf range. They offer stunning colour combinations, including Pink/ Orange, Blue/Turquoise, Red/ Chocolate, Orange/ Orange and Lime/Brown. Pugs suit our ‘slim’ collars best - usually 3/4" wide, or if they have a slimmer build even 1" wide. Because all of our collars, leads and harnesses are handmade in our own workshops, we can offer a complete bespoke service so you can have any size made in any width. We usually advise that the lead width should match the collar width, but again…it’s your choice…

Both fawn and black pugs look fantastic in our Safari Print Cowskins. pug in safari collar pug in safari dog collarOur cowskins are very much everyday collars. Being made of Italian calf leather, the colours stay true and the leather stays supple. Our own dogs swim and mud wallow in theirs all the time, even Eddie who loves joining Lil in the water.

And do consider our fabulous Harris Tweed Range. Handwoven in a wide range of subtle shades, the tweeds are wonderfully smart for town or country wear.

For something simpler, but oh so stylish, Pugs look cute in our Hollywood Dreams range. From the more sophisticated black piped with vanilla to super sweet sugar pink and vanilla. That might be just the thing! We do also have a sweet baby blue and lovely lilac.

Our Beau Belles collection of Bow collars, harnesses and leads was created very much with pugs in mind – although they look great on other breeds too!
We can make them in any colour you like.dog bow collar

Our harnesses are just made for Pugs and Puglets, be they Swashbucklers, Princesses or Dapper Dans in a Tuxedo. Individually made to order by our craftsman (delivery 6-8 weeks). Small is usually the perfect size for a Pug - but some of the bigger boys may need a Medium. Contact us and we will advise on the 5 magic measurements we need to get the size correct.

  pirate harness     pug tuxedo harness   pugs in bow harnesses

The main body of the harness is calf leather with a soft, padded, chest 'plate' which is very kind to your pug's fur. The calf leather straps are all adjustable, allowing you to get a perfect fit. This is helped by the connecting rings which allow the harness to move very comfortably with your dog.



The ultimate Pug collars are our Bell range. Elaine Arnold of Snugglepugs originally asked us to create a modern take on the traditional bell collars which pugs have worn since the 18th Century. In our new version, masses of tiny bells and sparking Swarovski crystals are hand sewn onto the supple calf leather collar. The bells have a delicate ‘silvery‘ jangle and there are a wide range of bell/leather options to select.


Most of our Charm, Semi Precious or Beaded collars look adorable on Puglets. (Although, truly, is there anything which doesn't suit them?) And they can all be made for you on any colour you like and look fabulous with their matching leads.

pug in dicewoman collar

Oh –there’s just so many to choose from! And remember if you have an idea for something you would like us to create specially for you, do go to Make Me One, let us know and we will do our best to make it for you!

And finally have a look at our  breed specific Gift page for Pugs- the perfect presents for all Pug Lovers....  

And finally, to keep pugs warm and cosy, do have a look at our Alpaca Handknitted coats

How to check your size ~ We think the easiest way is to take your dogs most comfortable collar and measure it
a) from the centre of buckle to the very tip
b) from the centre of the buckle to your dogs favourite hole.

Your dog's
neck measures...

Size & total collar length

Typical breeds this size may fit
(as guide only)

28 - 33cm

Small Harness but we will want to tweak size
Size 3
1st hole 11.5"/29.5cm
last hole 14.5"/37cm
Small Puglet Girl
30.5 - 35.5 cm

Small Harness
Size 4
1st hole 13"/33cm
last hole 16"/41cm
Standard Girl or Slim Boy Pug
33 - 38 c

Small or possibly Medium Harness
Size 5
1st hole 15"/38cm
last hole 18"/45.5cm
Large Boy Pugs