Our Picture Gallery features pictures that you have sent us of your cats and dogs.


Alfie & Flash in H&L in Australia and Sunshine in Brightside in UK

Ralph and Hugo In H&L UK Flag Collars - part of DesignerChildrenswear.com


Bailey Boo in his UK and Rosie in her Flag of Cornwall harness.


And Jet ready to rule the waves and support the UK!


The family of three, Baxter, Elfie & Bailey - all divine in their Holly&Lil collars


Lovely Lottie looking on the Brightside


Chance in the USA and.......... will find out soon and let you know...


Niles Cool Britannia jumper and Poppy a princess in Rose Quartz


Cool Britannia.... in Belgium the delicious Nelson and Elsa

Cool Britannia - the Precious Purdey and the Majestic Jet!


Juno a goddess on Safari in Pebbles and Sicilian Hound Simo stunning in his Il Tricolore

Cleo and Annie lovely Westies in Tartan!


Lovely Lola in her retty red bow and Spring is here Jasper in his brightside!

Finn a Country Gent in Tweed and Lilly a very sleepy Pirate!


Perfect Bulldog Pair Reg and Gerti - looking lovely in H&L jumper and Matrix collar!


Daphne a pretty pink Pirate Porthminster Beach and Maddie perfect Pug in NYC


Megan celebrating her 8th birthday in (wet) pink. Sweet Smartie & Tattou in Paris (Mum & Daughter)



Mr Cyril in our divine H&L UK design !for Chihuahuas through to MASSIVE bulldogs!


Ruthie1's lovely wee cat in her box in bells and Wallace Avast there Matey!

Gunthur Xmas Red and Green Manhattan and Monty classic Cornflower Blue!


Coco looking on the Brightside in the snow and Nini Heart is where the cat is!


Lola pretty pink pirate and Jack snug and warm in Crazy Llama Alpaca.


Dotty - the Lady in Red (and Vanilla) and Pog rocking Purple Pebbles!


Queenie on Safari and Joes doggie resting after his!


Smuggler & Dotty in Rainbow collars in Bluebell wood and Cooper a perfect Pirate!


Ruby in Jewel Brocade - exhausting being that pretty and Ozzy King of the Woods!


Lovely Mathilda and Mishka in Hearts & Flowers and in a blue bow!


Guido and Ubik a united pair Flying our Union Jack!



Frankie the perfect Gentleman in Harris Tweed and the sensational Seloy in Bells


Tilly cosy in air con in Singapore + Rex, her new rescued companion safe on his H&L bed


Buddy Swashbuckling in the snow and Summer and Cookie supporting their team


Coco remebering Mia his lost feline friend and Tabitha stunning in pink


Millie and George two perfect pointers in Turquoise Superluxe and Achamore Harris Tweed


In house "HappyDog" Ted Emerald or Ruby? And the delicious Pepe in Camel Pebbles.


 Tilly a Jewel in brocade in Singapore and the stately Jemima in Vogue!


Lola (and baby pal) a darling in Bow Harness!


Blossom (the poodle), Tilly & Primrose - resplendent in H&L and majestic Bolly!


Alfie a perfect ring-bearer at Claire and Kevins wedding, in bespoke H&L to match grooms tie and wedding theme. 

"I promised I would send pictures of Alfie in his gorgeous collar and lead at the wedding - so here they are, but also wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you. The collar and lead were stunning, he got more attention than me ! The quality of both were exceptional and he looked exactly as I had pictured so a massive thank you." Claire, Kevin & Alfie


Toffee who worked on Bermondsey St and the delicious Cid now living in China!


The delicious Sable another of Dave The Dogwalkers pack and Holl Dolls Pal


Chip, brilliant in Blue Brightside and Mathilda a Charmed girl in Mexico!


Daisy the Bassett pretty in Pink and Lloyd the Cat classic in Red and British Racing Green!


Bundy, Tilly and Lydia - Pirate Pack!


Holly & Paddy a perfect prize winning pair!


Alfie a beau at the bar  -  And the super cute Milo and Tilly 


Dooley a wonderful WelshMan and Mole sublime in her Secret Garden!


Pretty Alice in Safari Leopard and Stanley please as punch as a Pirate!


Hollywood Hero Henry stunning in UK Flag collar and Olive an outstanding Pirate!


Hollys Pal, Battersea boy Bailey, in Brightside Blue and sensational Stig in a Manhattan

The Divine Miss Dylan shows us how to rock Tartan in Scotland...


Coco All Blacks New Zealand Dog collar - COMING SOON - Lottie luscious Pirate


Delicate Tiggs perfect in Purple Pebbles and the divine Cindy Groves a belle in a bow


Lily stunning in Rose Quartz with Swarovski crystals and the perfect Panda in Pebbles!


Loki in his bespoke Pirate      

Loki is a delicious Dutch Shepherd whose owner Sacha, (who lives in the Netherlands), wanted our Pirate design combined with a Viking type lettering saying his name, it works beautifully both as a stylish design piece and in fulfilling Sachas (the owners) dream collar requirements. Fun to do!

Chico twinkles in Fire&Ice!


Tinkerbell has found her Emerald City - whist Mylo in Brightside Orange!


Omar daintily flys the Flag and Horace - a swashbuckling hero


Perfect examples of H&L catering for all sizes Bruce the mighty and Little Nellie Chicken


Great Dane Kaya pretty as a picture in her Bow Harness and Ram pretty in Pink in Japan

 Valentina in Spain looking delicious!


H&L collars seen as they should be seen
Wanda & Otto night time Safari and Floyd on the beach.

 Ahoy there Brandy and luscious Lottie lazing in Safari

 Charming Chihuahua Baxter and fabulous Frenchie Spike.

 Ridgeback Ross suitably in Safari and Mabel a beauty in UK Harness


Precious Puggle Roxy   and  captivating Connie a Bow Belle!


Captain Dave Pugwash Ahoy!!!   Divine Daisy reasting in Safari


Vespa and Cassius show how fabulous keeping it plain and simple can be!


Miss Marple and Elizabeth Taylor join our pack in Miniwides....


Cleo divine in a bow in Frankfurt and radiant Rosie in her Ruby Slipper.


Evie girly whirly in Pink Bow and Biscuit with the best nose ever for Safari!


Beautiful Bella classic in Cowspot and Black - and Alfie Tuxedo hearthrob!


Pirate Coco and UK tag   and the divine Suki & Gizmo - super stylish in Bows!


Molly pretty in pink Brightside and precious Lucy in Turquoise with silver hearts


Fairy puglet Fraggle pink lady and super smart Frasier in Grey Pebbles!

Elvis and Sterlin handsome in H&L Wides - bluestlyebostonterrier.com


Bella a Bow Belle and Basil showing how even wee ones can fly the Flag!

Mercia and Ruby perfectly precious bluestlyebostonterrier.com


Kizzy in Safari and Boris super smart in Red Brightside!


Izzy regal in Purple and Maria Lime Brightside Hound collar in Japan


Ran and Jin Tartans in Japan  - and Chloe a pretty pink Pirate!


Coco, Blue note sleeping   and  delicious Darcey glittering in Crystal Palace


Handsome Jack Flying the Flag and Superluxe Black as well - Ravishing!


Murray "it's exhausting being so stylish" and brilliant Bailey one of Hollys pals!


Billy - Carols ANGEL and Michiko visits our shop from Japan

Billy is a Disability Assistance Dog trained by the charity Support Dogs and he is Carols guardian angel with fur. Without him, she couldn't cope. This explains it a little.....
"I value independence highly in life - Billy has given me back my independence that I thought was lost forever.   He thinks for himself and predicts my needs without waiting to be asked. When it goes dark, he turns the lights on. When I forget to my phone before going out, he will automatically bring it to me. When I’m out and not feeling well, he watches me constantly and won’t relax until I’m safe and OK. If I’m feeling ill, he will sit on the stairs until I go up to bed. 
On days I’m overcome with pain, Billy curls up next to me and we have a lazy day in bed. His heartbeat comforts me and I dream about how truly lucky I am. Without him, the days would be much darker indeed.
I hope you agree, he deserves to look great!" Carol


Mo & Cara stunning in H&L


Alice a belle in a Bow   and    Issey pretty in pink Brightside


Andy, Alfie and Danny - teeny H&L pack members


Weasel gets his first Holly&Lil and Pippa perfect in the Brightside 


Spyder, Sweeney and Princess in their own Secret  Gardens


Jette sparkling in Crystal Palace   and    ravishing Roxy in Brightside Pink

"I would like to thank you for the two beautiful collar and lead sets we purchased from you recently. We received the red Cowspot Safari set first, and it is gorgeous! The packaging and presentation exceeded all expectations, and the parcel was a joy to receive. I believe you have set the benchmark on how on-line purchases should be delivered!" Anne & Jette, Sydney Australia


Ruui (again) and Taila lovely belles and Ginger a Bow Belle in Manhattan 


Mollie Moon resting in Safari .... and the Divine Miss Mathilda with new "sister" Mabel


Ziggy ravishing in red Brightside and Ruii beautiful in Bells

Sky, Bella & Indie all looking on the Brightside

Ellie stunning in Herringbone Harris Tweed


"Popstar" Poppy Pink dreams and Coco supersmart in Red and British Racing Green

"This is Poppy aka 'popstar' she's my Rottweiler x staffie. She's been wearing your collar for about 10months now and she has tested it to it's limit! It withstands everything she does. She's a tad accident prone... This year she's been through barbed wire, jumped in swamps, swimming in the sea, running in the snow and rolling in anything that smells disgusting! She's doesn't care if its fox poo, horse poo or even dog poo!! The collar has been washed more times than I can think of and it's still just perfect! Thank you holly & Lil for making such amazing collars! If only my fiancé would allow it she'd have one for everyday day of the week! A very happy customer! " Sarah & Matt


Amber beautiful in Bells and Laszlo a perfect Pirate


Basil a Gentleman in Tweed in Japan


Gucci and Mulberry super smart Pebbles and Ole to Spain, cosy in a Sweet Wind Coat

"I bought this beatiful item in your wonderful shop at London (I'm the spanish girl with doubts about the size). As you can see, the size and colour are just perfect!!! I'm very happy I've found your shop!
Thank you so much for your imagination and items, good job!! :) " Patricia

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