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Ooh La La!! Chic dog collar and lead homage to Audrey Hepburn & Louboutin.

Handmade in England, Holly&Lil's Ooh La La range is so totally Chic - never ChiChi - with inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, Springtime in Paris and Cristian Louboutin.    It suits every dog from a Poodle to a Dalmation to Holly and Lily!  The crisp Tartan is piped with Black Patent and backed with delicious Red Calf.   The Leads are divine - with the main body backed with black calf but a superb flash of red INSIDE the handle......
The Tartan is tough and durable for everyday use and is happy to take regular wetting,  mud and fox poo rolling from active dogs.  We would caution though that if your dog is a constant  neck 'scratcher', you will need to make sure that his or her claws are not tearing the weave of the tartan.
We recommend this design as a miniwides and/or a “Slim” but we will make you a Wides if you would like one.
Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available; use the Bespoke Option below to select.
NB: Sizes ½ and 1 ‘miniwides’ lightweight collars are specially designed for mini breeds such as Chihuahuas.  Small terriers are better suited by our ‘Slim 5/8” full buckle’ design.
To compare all our different collar shapes; Slim, Miniwide, Wide and Greyhound wide, please see our  

For more information
on the best collar for
your dog do see our
(wear &)
Care Guide. 

To confirm your dog's collar size,
check our
Size Guide. 

If your dog's size is not shown or if you have any other ideas just click on Make Me One & let us know.

Standard Sizes
Select Slim

Size 1/2-1 "mini wide"
Size 1 to 2
Size 3 to 5

Sizes 6 to 7
Sizes 8 & above           

mini-wide Option

Size 2 & above           
Wide Option

Size 3 & above

1/2" to 5/8"

5/8" to 1"
3/4" to 1.5" 

Choosing Bespoke Options 
We have designed "standard" combinations, of colours & widths  which we love. If you would like a different colour trim, or width, please use the boxes below to let us know .
Please  Note:  Bespoke Collars, unlike our standard designs, are not returnable or refundable, so do make sure you have selected the correct size. 

Choose Collar Size (standard)
Choose Slim or Wide?
Matching Lead?
Bespoke Option - Width
Bespoke Option - Calf trim
Bespoke - Greyhound "Wides"
Name of your dog and breed (optional)...

Price: £49.00

Ooh La La!! Chic dog collar and lead homage to Audrey Hepburn & Louboutin. - Holly & Lil Collars Handmade in Britain, Leather dog collars, leads & Dog harnesses.

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