Kadogs Tags for your little Gems
(Cats & Dogs)
cost inc tag & engraving
Exclusive to H&L

Kadogs Tags for your little Gems<br>(Cats & Dogs)<br>cost inc tag & engraving<br>Exclusive to H&L

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          Kadogs are dog lovers and that's why they have created something special for our special friends - a unique dog tag. For our little gems they have decided to use only the finest gemstones – genuine diamonds and topaz in a wide range of colours.  Kadogs tags are and Holly&Lil UK exclusive.

          The tags are made of stainless steel and are turned from a solid steel bar, so they are very hardy. They are made in the workshop in Germany where best quality stainless steel is used that's absolutely anti allergic.  The engraving is a laser engraving which won't rub off as it is "burnt" into the steel. Also the black and golden coating used is a special technical proceedure that joints the surface of the steel with the black or golden coating and hardens it, so it is very hard wearing. And of course Kadogs are all dog lovers and have "test worn" the tags with three dogs for quite a while and the gemstones are fine, the engraving hasn't suffered and they still look very good.

          The tags are available in matte and polished finish.  On the polished surface you will see very fine scratches from the wear and tear, so if you've got a bit of a playful, rough little companion  Kadogs would recommend the matte finish, (either in basic steel colour or in black or golden).  If the dog is older and/or more gentle the polished ones are absolutely fine.  Of course Kadogs give a guarantee so if anything should be wrong with the tag, you can return it to Kadogs and get it replaced.

          Kadog tags are handmade in Germany with meticulous attention to detail and engraved with your name or telephone number (or any text of your choice.) 

          a) Tag style and stones
          b) Tag Size (note St James's and Regent's you must select size at choice a) as well
          c) Tag Metal (steel, golden, black)
          d) Tag finish
          Then tell us what to engrave

          Condition: New

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