I am Natural ... Shampoo & Deodoriser


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    Sensitive or Puppy Shampoo and Deodoriser  Lovingly made in the UK

    DIRECTIONS For the best results, brush out loose and matted hair before washing. Wet coat with warm water and apply shampoo onto coat, gently massaging to a lather. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry. What’s more, all our products are pH balanced making them a great solution for any health conscious dog owner looking for the perfect product to fulfil their dogs grooming needs.

    • Free from parabens, phthalate, sulphate and alcohol
    • Sensitive Shampoo Formulated with natural ingredients including lemongrass oils
    • Puppy Shampoo Formulated with plant based ingredients such as wheat proteins and lavender.
    • Soothes and rehydrates, leaving skin flake free
    • Rehydrating
    • Leaves skin flake free


    • Neutralises and eliminates odours on contact.
    • Ideal for use after the dog has been fully groomed or between baths.
    • Targets the cause of unpleasant pet odours.
    Condition: New

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