"Hollywood Dreams" dog collars


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          Our fabulous retro homage to Hollywood. "We're ready for our close up Mr De Mille!" From the classic elegance of the Black calf piped with vanilla to the appealling colours of the Sugared Almond selection.

          Note:  All collars above size 3 are reinforced with metal eyelets to protect the supple calf leather from enthusiastic pullers!

          NB: Sizes ½ and 1 ‘miniwides’ lightweight collars are specially designed for mini breeds such as Chihuahuas.  Small terriers are better suited by our ‘Slim 5/8” full buckle’ design.
          To compare all our different collar shapes; Slim, Miniwide, Wide and Greyhound wide, please see our  

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          Standard Sizes

          Size 1/2 & 1 miniwides
          or Size 1 to 2
          Size 3 to 5

          Sizes 6 to 7
          Sizes 8 & above                                         

          1/2" to 5/8"


          Choosing Bespoke Options 
          We have designed "standard" combinations, of colours & widths  which we love. If you would like a different colour trim, or width, please use the boxes below to let us know .
          Please  Note:  Bespoke Collars, unlike our standard designs, are not returnable or refundable, so do make sure you have selected the correct size. 

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