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           Lucky - Alpaca jumper                                Lola lovely in her cowspot collar


Ted - Pacific Grey Pirate           Rosie Pug stand out in Zebra&Orange


           Terry the Orange Diceman      Winston adorable in Cowpsot & Red


           Dipsy delicious in Red Brocade                     Pirate Smike


  Henry ready for a Happy Easter         Cookie in Raspberry Bow collar

Pirate Chunk in his harness

Little Jack in our studio in his coat                        It's Chica Time 


Precious Pearl in Bells                  Bess - pretty in pink and mud!!!


             Tilly&Hector Pirates          Lara in bespoke Bandbox Martingale

Martha & Lily gorgeous little Cesky Terriers in Safari


      Poppy in Cowspot miniwide       Oscar in Red Cowhide & Brown


   Alfie in Lime & Brown                Dreamy Ruby in Cowspot & Red

Bespoke Pirates... teeny Riyadh    & super big Claud...  Fabulous!!


Oscar resting, we all wish him well      &       Kelly (City Barn Belgium) in Bells


Chaplain in Cowhide        &                Bobi in Safari


Harry, Higgins & Lulu in Alpaca Coats  & George in Red piped with gold


         Roary in Leopard             &      Lottie in Strathisla Tartan 


    Holly posing for her Xmas cards                 Phoebe gorgeous in bells


Honey & Ruby - pretty in Hearts&Flowers


Bis "The Gentleman"             &               Ruby "The Princess"


          Bob in his Christmas collar                     Charming Milou

Holly in Pink&Raspberry..................     and inTartan Twill & Red

"I have been meaning to send you some pictures of my Cocker Spaniel Holly modelling two of only just some of your finest collars. She is meant to be a girl but sometimes I'm just not sure she is so nosey and loves kicking her legs in the dirt. I am amazed at how the collars last but the Tartan one has to be best of all. The fabric is still in such great condition. I cannot thank you enough for the quality of your items and the fact they really have made Holly look so beautiful and they look so vibrant with her dark colouring." Vicki


Marcus in Leopard&Brown in Cyprus           Rosie Hearts&Flowers


         Chico - Hot Chilli Chihuahua            Fleur Lovely in Rose Quartz


 Cupids collars - Rose Quartz Love and Tweed for everyday


Three Frenchies, Lydia, Bundy and Tilly, snoozing in Safari!


   Cady in Cowspot with Red                  Aspen - delicate in Crystal Palace


          Daisy an irisistable Pirate                 Mr Darcy Cowspot with Red


     Remmi - Orange&Brown Calf harness                    Llyod Bespoke Boho


   Clarinha sugar pink teeny wee                  Ivy - Red Tapestry "Jewel"


        Noodles "Crystal Palace"             Lillie (Pussy Willow "house model")
"Thankyou so much for getting Noodles' fabulous collar here for her birthday doesn't she look gorgeous wearing it? All my friends are so jealous I've just met up with them and their dogs for a walk on the common so that she can see her friends on her birthday and share her birthday cakes and biscuits which I bought from the spottie dottie website.
I really cannot say how delighted I have been with your service, the collar is beautiful and even the presentation box and tissue paper made it feel like a doggie version of a gift from Tiffany." Lynda


     Sylvie bespoke (Dubai) Boho       Kimber Pink & Raspberry Cowhide


  Benny in Periwinkle Blue Calf       Madame Jolie having fun as girls do...


       Spud & Gypsy - Greyhound wides bespoke blue & pink cowhide

       Sweet Sam now resting in a better place          


           Max Red Cowhide & Brown       Brock Bespoke Tweed (Finsbay)

     Alfie bespoke Safari Cowspot           Dizzy bespoke Greyhound Wide

       Angus alphabet  charm collar                 Jess in Red Cowhide

   Leia, Blue Agate Semi Precious        Mika "plain & simple" Raspberry

                    Two pictures of Zinzan - the purrfect Diceman 

     Lulu posing in Safari Leopard        Molly charming in Hearts&Flowers

"I knew it would be lush, the pics on the site prove that and Lisa had told me how nice it would be but I hadn't expected it to be so opulent and absolutely deliciously gorgeous! Even Gareth, my hubby is impressed, and THAT says something!" Karen - Mollys owner


     Tikaani Inuit "inspired" BOHO           Keziah Bespoke Safari Leopard

            Roxy Safari mini-wide                   Ophelia - Orange "Fruit Salad"

  Laszlo Lime Cowhide & BRG Calf     Pearl "Girls just want to have fun"

Kinza on Zebra Safari               & Dillon by the sea in Red Cowhide

L'Chon H&L Brocade collar                     Lloyd - Pirate on the High Street 
+ matching coat (which owner had made)

"My husband and I bought a lime green collar from Crufts for our Working Cocker Spaniel, Alfie ..... We have had lots of compliments about his collar when out on walks, as he looks so smart!" Lindsay & Dave


Bruce dapper in his Frank Muir Bow tie      Inca in Cowspot & Black

"Bess in her new Holy and Lil. It was meant for Pearl but.... See, a pointer can wear the best and still do pointer stuff in the mud." Lisa

Z on Zebra Safari               & Basil - a charming Pirate


Ozzy the black Prince                             Remy Martin on Safari

Ruby in plain and simple     -      Tia in bells

Buffa and Caper Proud Sherwood Foresters
           Amber - Harness, Black with Red Calf heart & Vanilla piping

    Daisy  "Forever in Blue Jeans"           Popi Silver&Gold Bell Collar

Roxy charming in Winter Palace               Gracie on Safari

            Lulu Orange Cowhide                  Tilly Pink Cowhide with Orange

            Harley and Brock

     Lulu Harris Tweed Pink Thistle          Tyler Pink Cowhide with Orange

               Billy Safari Leopard                         Hattie & Polly Harnesses

       Charlie  Red Cowhide & Calf                  Miss Muffin Charm Collar

       Boo & Friday in Harris Tweed

     Kelly (City Barn, Belgium) Turquoise         Lolek "Forever in Blue Jeans"

 Clarinha growing into "plain" leather            Percy Silver & Gold Bells 

     Maggie Red Cowhide & Calf                    Dice Bespoke Beaded

   Blue (Absolute Pets) Tweed & Red Calf Harness

   Buddy "The Good Life" Charm Collar for more info on Dog Frisbee see

"Manuel (on the pictures) and Buddy are very active in the dogfrisbee sport. Buddy always wears her collar with pride. A lot of people are very interested in the collar! Manuel and buddy are now qualified for the world championships in the USA!" Manuel & Petra and of course Buddy!

         Llyod & Twiggy Harnesses                  Olive Collar and Harness
"I thought you would like to see these pictures of Olive all dressed up. The harness is fantastic. It is lovely and soft and yet very strong (it needs to be!) and does not rub like the old one. I think she looks really beautiful. Thank you. PS well done on your top 100 shops in London" Amanda

        Indi growing into Pink Cowhide         Smidge, Jakey & Hugo Red Cowhide

                Irresistable Bundy (bespoke) Leopard & Safari Cowspot

           Kinza Safari Leopard                                  Star in Starman

            Maggie Red Cowhide                    Frida Greyhound Wide Safari

Gorgeous Millie hugely glamorous in Rose Quartz Love

           Jasper in Blue Cowhide                        Alfie in Blue Cowhide 
        (Jasper has just recently qualified to show at Crufts next year -HOORAY!!!)

"The collars have come this morning and they are beautiful - perfect for their summer outfits!! Don't they look adorable?? Will bring Jasper to meet you at Crufts next year! " Sarah

           Lilly in Safari Leopard                       Ivy dreamy in Gold Brocade 

          Ivy Safari Cowspot & Red             Hermione Brown Speckle Tweed

"It was great to meet you too and of course Holly and Eddie, we had a lovely day, the shop is fantastic and you were really helpful, thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends. Hermione looks absolutely gorgeous in her new collar, she is very proud of it and keeps showing it off to everyone she meets!! The wider one definitely suits her better. She has also had a bath using the new shampoo and conditioner and smells like a new puppy!!" Kelly and Hermione

Crystal "Love Cats"  -   Ellie sweet in plain and simple

  Snowy going to a wedding in India         -           Clover in Cowhide

   Summer Bespoke Safari Cowspot         Zorro Harris Tweed Brown Speckle

"Here's  a photo of my goldie, Zorro, in the fabulous Harris Tweed collar that I bought for him at Crufts. As you can see he looks like a real 'Country Squire' in it! I can't describe how pleased I am with it. I had drooled and yearned for it on your web-site, but the real thing was even better than I imagined and I get such pleasure seeing Zorro wearing it. It is 'so him'! I also wanted to say that it has been well and truly christened! Zorro had swam in the stinkiest water in it, been up to his ears in mud in it, and naturally, being a dog, he had to give it the 'ultimate road-test' and roll in fox poo in it!!! And I'm delighted to report that, with a quick brush down, the collar has come up each time as good as new (Zorro takes a bit longer to return to looking as good!) Thank-you again for making such breath-takingly gorgeous collars!" Rebecca

       Miss Dylan Orange Cowhide                       Ivy Safari Leopard

         Ricki a Pirate Chihuahua                Gyarados Hot Chili Chihuahua


          Sushi in Safari Cowspot                    Bailey in Safari Leopard


Chester and Winnie Cowhide & Calf                   Bosun in Tartan


       Lukas Safari Cowspot                                Ivy Black Brocade


      Multi-tasking Jess - Stylish in Raspberry & Sugar Pink Manhattan

Charming Willow           and               Po


Lulu lovely Dicewoman - Daisy May precious in Bells


       Dicks Lab in Tartan                            Paddy on Safari


       Molo - Orange Cowhide                 Gioia Red Rum - Red Cowhide

               Roger on safari                                 Ogey  - Pacific Grey Half check

We are updating our site and tidying it up - all the lovely pictures of your pets will be back soon we promise!!

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