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Dog Harnesses

It took us a year to prototype, test and refine our harness design. Our final pattern was tested for several months by two wonderfully energetic Staffies and they emerged with thumbs up. See the comments below from Carol, owner of Rosie (pictured above)

"Rosie is a lively 2 year old blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier so when I was given a pristine pink and orange hand made beautiful leather harness I was concerned that she would trash it instantly! However, she has been wearing it over the the last 3 months constantly. She finds it very comfortable and it certainly doesn’t “cramp her style”. I was impressed that it hasn’t stretched despite the huge amount of strain she can apply when she is on the lead. The workmanship and attention to detail is fantastic, yet it is also an effective harness. If they can withstand the “Rosie” test they can withstand anything!"