Decorated Dog Collars

Our beautiful collars are designed for all sizes of dogs. We hand sew the decorative elements onto our hand made calf leather collars with high tensile nylon filament. We know they are for dogs but we need you to use your common sense too. If your dog is constantly scratching its neck, thundering through undergrowth or wrestling with other dogs then these decorated collars are not a good choice for everyday walkwear – but they do make perfect party wear.  The encrusted collars are of course 'hardier' than the charms that dangle... just think ... would I wear a charm bracelet in this situation?  We have lots of decorated collars in stock plus.  If you want to talk it through and we can help, email or call us - or 0207 237 7226 or text 07811715452.

Please check our Size guide Size guide to make sure you get the right size. And  to check you make a sensible decision for your dog.

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Christmas Charm Dog Collars at Holly&Lil
Santa Paws is coming to Holly&Lil

Semi-Precious decorated Dog Collars Swarovski & Crystal

Semi- Precious & Crystal Dog Collars

Beads dog collars - dice glass beads millifiori

Beaded Dog Collars - Dice, Sequins & Swarovski 

Bells sewn onto leather Dog Collars
Bell Dog Collars

Semi Precious Stones handsewn on leather dog Collars
Semi Precious Stones and Crystal Dog Collars

Charm Dog Collars

lease select from list below or click on Refine to see the department menu.