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Charm Dog Collars

 We have lots of collars in stock ready to go, plus, if we are making orders, the Els Angels are up all night sewing so Santa Paws can get your orders to you.  If you are worried email or call us and we will confirm, collars@hollyandlil.co.uk or 0207 237 7226 or 0203 287 3024 or text 07811715452.
Our charm collars are where we really started and we still take pride in them. But the danglier they are the more special days with supervised play. You need to use your common sense here. Created on H&L's calf leather Charm collars with an additional D-ring at the centre back of the collar, (as well as next to buckle), so you can enjoy the full beauty of the collar when you really want to show it off. Ingenious! We have experimented with many designs and found others limited the amount of charms you could get on it - this design does not yet still lets you enjoy the full beauty of the design.