Bulldogs owe their name to their history, where they were once used to guard and bait bulls for sport in the middle ages. Their strong will and legendary patience and courage make them a dog that will rarely whine or complain. They are have a loyal and loving patient temperament and can be the gentlest of dogs. Just the same it will see off any intruder, and few would risk a close encounter with a dog brave enough to bait a bull.
We have a huge amount of Bulldog Customers at H&L and we have learned quite a lot about their requirements. 
The obvious choice for any Bulldog is our UK Flag collars. They are hardy and take most tests a Bulldog can throw at them from splashing in puddles to a good roll in Mud. But do watch if your Bulldog likes rolling on concrete or sliding along brock walls. That can be a test for all but chain mail!!!   You have the choice of our the traditional Red, White and Blue or you can Girl your Gal up with the H&L signature Jack/Packcolourways of Pink Lilac and Vanilla. Or several others coloursways. 
The wides 3/4" to 1.5" are perfect for them and we would not advise going wider than that on most Bulldogs.


There are also delicious Cross of St George Collars if you like being a celebrated English Bulldog...

Our traditional ‘Slim’ collars are perfection on Bulldogs …. and 1" suits them very well, but because they are made in our own workshops in England, we offer a bespoke service allowing you to have any colourway made in any size or width.
The Brightside Collectionis gloriously striking and can Girl up any Bulldog Gal and be elegant on any Bullie Boy

The Safari print cowskins are a very distinguished but funky choice for Bulldogs – hardy collars with a sense of fun! Being made of Italian calf leather, our colours stray true and the leather supple.

A couple of years ago, a customer came to our stand at Crufts.. Some months before, she had bought a Holly&Lil red cowskin collar for her husband’s working collie and panicked as she left the Hall, thinking “What have I done buying (what looks like) a fashion collar for the dog?” Her husband laughed when he saw it, but once it had been on the dog for a while he asked her to come and find us at Crufts… to thank us for the great collar….and buy the matching lead!
The Harris Tweeds are another personal favourite of ours for a Bulldog. The essentially ‘country’ Gentleman feel of these wonderful hardwearing fabrics really suit a Bulldog.The stylish humour of the Pirate range is another winning look for a Bulldog. They are wonderful almost Cartoon dogs and the Pirate range is just too perfect for them.   There is the Classic Black with Vanilla which suits both Boys and Girls - or our subtle Baby (Chanel) Pink skulls and piping for the Girls if you want a more definate statement of their femininity.   

Some of the more boisterous need a little help with correction but here at H&L we still believe your dog should be glamorous. Many of our designs can be adapted to work as a half check collar  (and we can also make other specialist restraint/training collars and leads to order, like Martiungales just give us your sizes

Moving away (only) slightly from the absolutely practical, our adorable Beau Belles collection looks Crazily wonderful on a Bulldog and has become the signature collar for JoAnne Good's Bulldog Mathilda. A little Beauty! Our only caution is that if your Bulldog wrestles with other dogs, then bows should be kept for slightly more sedate outings. We have several great colourways, but you can create your own to special order.

Our Harnesses suit a Bulldog perfectly. They are soft and supple yet can strong enough to deal with most Bulldog behaviour. But again beware any concrete testing dogs out there!

Our Harnesses are individually made to order by our craftsman (delivery 6-8 weeks) and can be as plain and simple – or as decorative – as your heart desires. Most Bulldogs take our ‘Large’ size, although we will ask your dog’s measurements so we can make sure it is just right. The main body is calf leather with soft, padded, chest 'plate'. The calf leather straps are all adjustable, allowing you to get a perfect fit. This is helped by the connecting rings which allow the harness to move comfortably with your dog.

Our one-off decorated Collars are very much a special occasion collar for a Bulldog. And it would be wise to go for an encrusted Semi- Precious collar or Bell collar rather than the more delicate hanging Charms. Made to order, the designs and leather colourways can be mixed and matched to suit your dog. Each one we make is an individual piece. All of our calf collars can be supplied with a matching lead and some clients buy a Charm collar and lead for smart days with a matching plain collar for going wild in the country!


You may love them in our Beaded Ranges as well.

There’s just so many to choose from! And remember if you have an idea for something you would like us to create specially for your dog, do go to Make Me One, let us know and we will do our best to make it for you.
Gorgeous UK Beds available in 4 Colours

Most Bulldogs Gals are a 6 or a 7 and the boys go from a 7 to a whopping size 9 - follow the instructions below and remember the favourite hole is the most telling measurement. Also except for the smallest girl most Bulldogs wera a LARGE harness. If you have any doubts email us and we will send you the sizes we need you to give us to make sure it is a perfect fit.

How to check your size. We think the easiest way is to take your dogs most comfortable collar and measure it
a) from the centre of buckle to the very tip
b) from the centre of the buckle to your dogs favourite hole.

33 - 38 cm
Size 5        

1st hole 15"/38cm
last hole 18"/
Very Small Bulldog Gal like Mathilda
40.5 - 46cm
Size 6        
1st hole 17"/43cm
last hole 20"/50.5cm
Bulldog Gal
Size 7
1st hole 18.5"/47cm
last hole 22.5"/54.5
Bulldog Boy
Size 8
1st hole 21"/53.5cm
last hole 24"/61cm
Bigger Bulldog Boy
Size 9
1st hole 23"/ 58.5cm
last hole 26"/66cm
MASSIVE Bulldog Boy