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Best Seller. Union Jack dog collars & Flags from around the World

Handmade in England from supple calf leather.  Each collar is a little work of art.  The collars edges are rolled and piped to create a finish we’ve designed to be kind to your dogs neck fur. Customers report that they are thrilled that although these dog collars are so durable, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats. Many of the Flag designs suit our signature WIDE design best. These are slim under the chin for your dogs comfort and broaden out onto the back of the neck, giving a convenient D-ring lead connector at the back of the neck.
Greyhound/lurcher collars are available. 
We do offer a bespoke Service if you  want us to create a collar with your countries Flag please call  0207 237 7226 or email collars@hollyandlil.co.uk or send us your information on a Make me One