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Bell dog collars

We have lots of collars in stock ready to go, plus, if we are making orders, the Els Angels are up all night sewing so Santa Paws can get your orders to you.  If you are worried email or call us and we will confirm, collars@hollyandlil.co.uk or 0207 237 7226 or 0203 287 3024 or text 07811715452.

Leading pug breeder Elaine Arnold of Snugglepugs asked us to create a modern take on the traditional bell collars which pugs have worn since the 18th Century. In our new version, masses of tiny bells and sparkling Fire Crystals are handsewn onto the supple calf leather collar. The bells have a delicate ‘silvery‘ jangle and look splendid on any breed of dog.... large or small.Or choose the more traditional 'big bells'. Both Dresden and Meissen made highly collectable porcelain pug figures featuring these classic bell collars, which we have recreated here.

Created on H&L's calf leather Charm collars with an additional D-ring at the centre back of the collar, (as well as next to buckle), so you can enjoy the full beauty of the collar when you really want to show it off. Ingenious!
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