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Holly&Lil's show season 2016 is now over. So if you wish to meet Holly & Gus and all their pack you will have to come in to one of our shops. 
TIP: Bring your dogs collar to check you get size correct if you cannot bring your pooch.
March 2016 Shows start with the Biggie
Hall 2 Stand 12
Elaine, Chelsea & Lauren & possibly Gus
If I have no one to Dog Sit him...

Who Let's the Dogs In!

We are thrilled to be able to show you our Who Let's the Dogs in Map of Bermondsey Street and the extra 5 minute walk to Tower Bridge Road. A wee work of art created by Pete McGlasham of Here Be Dragons.
A fabulous guide if you are planning a shopping trip to us with your dog. Now you can plan your whole day. Click on the picture to get a BIG Guide to print or there will be leaflets available in the shop (103 Bermondsey Street) plus posters as well. Lovely

Dogs on our Cards

Lily you all know well.  She was a Flatcoat Retriever who sadly died last year in October 2011 aged 9.5 years old.   She is still an important part of H&L and hopefully always will be.  Her kind gentle nature was second to none and she could lick for England!

Holly - my perfect little Muse Mongrel who will be 13 years old this November. She is still an inspiration and a joy.  Though any who have met her will testify she is the Princess Diana of H&L, she even can "do" the eyes.

H&L "Tell us a bit about Higgins your Dogue de Bordeaux please Elaine "

Higgins was only 14 weeks in the photos and was wearing a collar i bought for one of my pugs he now has a his own one in size 11. Higgins does not know he is a DDB and thinks he is a pug as he has been bought up with them and when he does a pug run you would definatly move out the way when 11st is coming flat out towards you.

H&L "How did you first find us"

I first met Holly&Lil at the first ever Discover Dogs they did and bought my first collar for my champion Jenson and have been hooked ever since I sometimes think I have more of there collars than they have in stock. Elaine of Snugglepugs

Holly&Lil are sad to report Higgins died in 2013 unexpectedly.  A huge hole to fill.

H&L "Tell us a bit about Bessie Boo  your greyhound please Carol"

Bessie Boo was given her collar for a third birthday present by her two Boston Terrier best friends who knew how special Harris is to Carol and Bessie Boo. She loves to run on the beach near where the tweed is woven and actually wnt and met Donald John in her collar in June.

H&L "How did you first find us" The Bostons first saw a Holly & Lil collar on their London Cousin , Lupin who got her collar at the Chiswick House Dog Day September 2009.    

Do not worry there is still time for Santa to post your collars and all deliveries are upgraded to next day Special Delivery this final week.  No extra cost to you.

Come to Holly&Lil The Groomers - 90 Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 4TP. Call 0203 287 3024 or 0207 237 7226 or email thegroomers@hollyandlil.co.uk

10% off your first booking at the new Holly&Lil The Groomers with Scissor Award winning Groomers.

Call 0207 237 7226 or 0203 287 3024. Drop your dog with us then visit Bermondsey Street and or Borough Market, MaltbyStreet Market or the Bermondsey Antiques market. Then collect your dog and go to one of the dog friendly Ressies. There are so many!

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Elaine, Hollys owner, has a blog with stories about life at Holly&Lil; hope you enjoy it!

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TimeOuts Best shops!

"Congratulations on being recognised as one of the best shops in London! You can find all of London’s best shops here."

Dogs on our Cards

H&L "Tell us a bit about Tilly & Hector your Weimaraners please Cindy"

Hector and Tilly. Two Weimaraners - one Island - one owner - one nervous breakdown in progress! Not sure if appropriate but very germane :) I am going to try and get some more photos of them with their collars as the last one I sent was an old one of him digging the sand in the collar he had previously. It was just to show you the type of battering his Holly&Lil collar is getting.
I am really obsessing about "Pugs" collar now for Tilly. Think Hector would leave home if I got one like that for him but Tilly is a girly girl and it would look super.
I have finally, after much pushing and shoving, established my own blog for Hector and Tilly (never forgetting Jazz and Beau too).

H&L "How did you first find us"

I originally found you via Google search. I purchased a collar for my friends dog first, but coveted the skull and crossbones for mine!

H&L "Tell us a bit about Cyril your Bulldog please Michelle"

My name is Cyril and I am nine years old. I am a very confident young man and enjoy walking, swimming in the sea and playing which keeps my muscular body in peak condition. My other hobbies are travel, shopping for clothes and toys and going to dog shows where I am extremely competitive and like to win red rosettes and trophies. I am friendly and outgoing and enjoy receiving a lot of attention when out and about. My favourite foods are pasta, shortbread, chips, roast dinners and ice cream although I am only allowed these on special occassions as I have to watch my figure. I am strong willed and know my own mind but am also affectionate and very loving especially with my Mummy who dotes on me!

H&L "How did you first find us"

I found H&L through Google when searching for designer dog items for Cyril!

Holly&Lil Stockists
These are some of our favourite stockists who  carry capsule collections of our collars & leads.
We were in Harrods, Pet Kingdom, for many years but sadly it has shut now.

Wags Pet Boutique
01753 206 068

Essex Pooch Palace
07786 105 570

Belgium Brussels,
City Barn
Tel: 00 322 5441 489

Israel - Tel Aviv
2for Cats,

U.A.E - Dubai
World of Pets,

On All Paws,
+61 2 9518 5539


Meet Gus our Pack Member from www.manytearsrescue.org

Gus has been with us since August 2012 and was 6 months old when we got him.  He is a star and has gone from 13kgs to 30kgs!!!  Quite a big boy but so soft and gentle and a wee bit dopey.  Will lie around the shop just as peaceful as our darling, much missed, Lily.

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TIME OUT magazine has included us in their top 100 shops in London!

And VOGUE listed us in their Secret Shopping Diary. We do hope you will all put us at the top of your "Places I must visit when I come to London "... list.

Our shop has all our own collections but is also full of wonderful things that we are not selling online... Gorgeous mugs and handmade cards and throws and dog beds and...

... we hope some of you may be able to visit us and see it all for yourselves.

Dogs Welcome!
5 mins walk from London Bridge tube/rail
103 Bermondsey St,
London SE1 3XB

Shop opening hours
Monday 11am-6pm
Teusday 10.30-6.15pm
Wednesday 10.30-7pm
Thursday 10.30-7pm
Friday 10.30am-6.15pm
Saturday 10.30am-5pm
Sunday 11.30am-3.30pm

Come to London Bridge tube and walk down either St Thomas Street (past Guy's Hospital and the Shard) or Tooley Street, both of which bisect Bermondsey Street. If you walk down Tooley Street you will turn right into Bermondsey Street by a big Chinese restaurant in an old Bank building on the corner and walk up through the railway tunnel.  It's about 5 minutes walk from London Bridge station to Holly&Lil.

Or set sat nav for Riley Road SE1, you usually can get a meter on weekdays and free parking at the weekend. Then just walk back up Tanner Street to us....  Or Sunday is free parking in the street.

Winners of Somewhere on the High Street

The 'Somewhere on the High Street' award is open to nominations from Banks, Shops, travel agents etc.... AND WE WON. Some of our customers must have nominated us and we thank them so much for that. I had a dream how my shop should be and the Els Angels have made it happen.
See Contact Us for Bermondsey St Shop opening times.

Dogs on our Cards

H&L "Tell us a bit about Miss Martha your Cesky Terrier please Gillian"

2 ½ years old with her (almost) twin sister Lily, (not from the same litter). Lovely natured little dog – can be relied upon with children, puppies, strangers, other dogs in the park. Favourite pastime is chasing squirrels, cats and foxes, occasionally rabbits. Very inept hunter – no danger of her ever catching one Favourite place is Greenwich Park – good squirrel zone. We often have picnics there on summer evenings with her on constant squirrel alert. Very stubborn when she wants to be, usually when being brought away from the squirrel zones of the park – has been known to lie down flat on her back in protest and refuse to budge Very chatty – tells you when it is her meal times, or when she is ready to go out for a walk. Only moves on a need-to basis. Will bark from the bottom of the stairs to find out of it is worth her while to come up. Spends every afternoon with a group of 20+ dogs playing in the park – they have all grown up from puppies together and are fine friends. Many of them also have H&L collars! Dances on the spot in anticipation of meals, treats, food, front legs shuffling in excitement Always wears pink collars shows off her lovely silver colouring Is a bit if a floozy with male dogs, very much a flirt Is half dog, half teddy bear. Loves cuddling up in your lap of the sofa

H&L "How did you first find us"

One of the fellow dog walkers told me about Holly & Lil, and since then you have become a firm favourite with all the other dogwalkers there. Martha & Lily still probably have the most varied collection of collars

H&L "Tell us a bit about Flower your Pug please Annette (in NL)"

Flower came to us at 4 months, she is born in Germany (Sachsen) and is from all American parents. She has a pedigree and her name is Open Your Heart fom Sachsen Adel, we cal her Flower. She is a very sweet girl, black pugs have more temperament than the fawn but flower is like the fawn very easy going. She loves al attention and her favorite place in on my lap J We hope she will be a mother this fall. She chares our home with 12 other pugs, and a smooth collie. She gets along with all other dogs and her sweet face steals many hearts, like her name she opens peoples hearts.

H&L "How did you first find us"

We first saw the Holly&Lil collars at Crufts, and could not stop talking about them to other dog friends, one of those friend gave me the Bell collar for Christmas last year, his own dog has one to. I get so many reaction when they wear the collar. Everyone likes it very much.

H&L "Tell us a bit about Nicolo your Boston Terrier please Gregor"

Nicolo is a perfect American gentleman, (he lives in NYC. His favourite activities include jumping high in the air to catch a flying ball and cuddling up on the couch or bed with anyone that happens to be there.

H&L "How did you first find us"

We first found Holly & Lil while living in Southwark in 2006/7 before returning to New York and ultimately getting Nicolo in autumn 2008. I then lived over by Borough again in 2009/10 and had to pick up a proper tweed collar and lead for our little man. A perfect blend of Brit and Yank.